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WARNING: if you take an at home 'rapid test' and tell your doctor you think it might be positive, your doctor is required without telling you to report you to the Oregon Health Authority. Oregon is a Low Prevalence Population, meaning there is a Huge Risk of 'false positives' (66% according to this CDC fact sheet). Also, if you see an employer or nonprofit offering "rapid tests" this is illegal in the state of Oregon because these tests are "CLIA Waived" but the OHA does not enforce its own regulations. Aside from blood supply screening, We recommend against ALL diagnostic HIV testing absent clinical signs of immunodeficiency, as the tests are severely flawed with 80+ documented conditions known to cause false positives and the results will not change your life for the better. Our experience is that testing counselors are often misinformed and mistrained regarding the tests, and are often involved in kickback arrangements with their employers and drug companies. Their goal is NOT your health. Their goal is to get you onto toxic drugs for the benefit of Big Pharma, under the euphemism "suppression." The OHA's "Undetectable =Untransmissable" campaign is NOT based in clinical science. IT IS A LIE designed to sell drugs, the profits from which are kick-backed to politicians. Dr. Jay Levy, the "third discoverer of HIV" and author of the standard HIV medical textbook called the notion detectability has anything to do with HIV prevention a "misconception."

Problems with the HIV Tests (Culshaw)
Sworn Affidavit of Dr. Rodney Richards (HIV Test Developer, Amgen) about limitations of HIV tests - "viral load" CANNOT be used to confirm positive & HIV tests have never been validated against a Recognized Standard
Oregon Labs use FIVE different criteria for 'positive' meaning your test result can change from lab to lab. Public clinics use the least specific, private practice uses most - meaning chances of being marked "positive" depend on socioeconomic factors and insurance networks.
Texas A&M's Patricia Goodson 2014: Frontiers in Public Health
Dr. Goodson Discusses Her Paper
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The AIDS Trap: What Testing Counselors Don't Tell You
RNA Amplification or Measuring “Viral load” does not prove the presence of HIV in serum, HIV Infection, or HIV Infectivity
Review of how Antibody Tests were developed with the interpretation of results based on government proclamation, not science.
The myth that "Viral Load" has meaning. Viral Load does NOT correlate to infectivity. "Undetectable" or "High" is just nonsense.
The CDC redefines 'AIDS' yet again (trying to push up case numbers for $$). The 2014 CDC Surveillance Definition. It differs from the Oregon definition meaning you can be positive in Atlanta but not Portland due to lack of confirmatory test. The trick is one is a "clinical definition" and one is a "surveillance definition," and they don't have to match.
Why do HIV Tests Discriminate by Race? (False Positives among Black People)
Read the Fine Print on the HIV tests - you are only "presumed infected." How to TURN IN your presumptive diagnosis.
Liam Scheff: "Knowing is Beautiful" and "Sex Crimes" - The Dirty Little Secrets of the HIV Testing Industry
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