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Toxic Black Box Chemotherapy

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Emtriciabine (one of the two poisons in Truvada) was public-related and is misrepresented in both the Physicians Desk Reference and on Wikipedia as a “Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor.” This is a lie. Emtricitabine is actually a “nucleoside analogue" approved as a less-toxic alternative to 3TC which itself was approved as a less toxic alternative to AZT.

The word ”analogue” simply means a close substitute – It's a substitute for a building block of RNA/DNA called Cytidine. It is a sort of “Fake C” in the code of life. NUCLEOSIDE ANALOGS DO NOTHING AGAINST HIV AND ARE PURE POISON.

This was proven in 1994 with the landmark Concorde Study on AZT.

The only difference is that AZT is a “Fake T” the way that Truvada is a “Fake C mixed with Fake A." After the approval of AZT in 1987 in a corrupted drug trial, pharmaceutical companies went through the letters of the DNA alphabet - each getting a phony AIDS drug for each of A, C, T, and G. They then "diluted" their chemotherapy to make a slightly less toxic version for each letter. After that, they created a prodrug for each letter at the same toxicity, and then repeated the process every 2-3 years since 1987, so that at any one point 8 pharmaceutical companies has a patented Nucleoside Analogue or a Prodrug Nucleoside Analogue.

It's a three decade old Ponzi scheme by a Medical Mafia

When a cell is making DNA – something necessary for life – it needs lots of “C” building blocks. When it tries to make DNA and one of those building blocks is a “Fake C,” the DNA falls apart. “Fake C” and “Fake T” are like weak links in a chain (this is because the sulfur (S) in the bottom ring hogs the place where a carbon would link the DNA strand). This “Fake C” terminates DNA chains forged with normal DNA polymerase (the enzyme that copies normal cellular DNA), not just reverse transcriptase. Saying the poison is an “reverse transcriptase inhibitor” is misrepresentation. No Nucleoside Analog has been shown to select for Reverse Transcriptase. This drug stops cell division everywhere in the body. It is NOT HIV-specific.

The vast majority of “AIDS” deaths were between 1987 and 1997 were, in fact AZT poisoning. AZT was created in the 1960’s as an experimental cancer chemotherapy. It proved so toxic in animals it was not even patented. No cancer doctor would prescribe chemotherapy to a patient for their entire life. Later, the “cocktail” just replaced mass poisoning with more profitable pill-pushing.

The only difference between Emtricitabine and AZT is that it is not as efficient – in other words the replacement of a “Real C” with a “Fake C” is less frequent at the same dosage (This is because of the fluorine in the upper ring). Equally toxic and just as efficient as AZT is the drug 3TC. When 3TC was approved in 1995, it was on the basis of being “less toxic” as AZT. This was a mirage: the 3TC dose in the trial was simply lower.

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