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Red Flags in Cabotegravir PrEP Trials

[Article In Progress]

I downloaded a Powerpoint presentation from a virtual industry-funded "4th HIV Research For Prevention Conference" produced by an LLC named "Clinical Care Options." The sponsors of the conference were Gilead, ViiV, Jansen, and Merck. The PrEP Industry is evidently on its fourth conference where "doctors" and "researchers" dream up ways to talk about how to prescribe expensive HIV and AIDS drugs to people who don't have HIV or AIDS. ViiV, I should note is a Joint Venture between Glaxo and Pfizer.

Download PPTX • 531KB

Interestingly, the conference sponsor, Clinical Care Options, had its LLC status cancelled by the State of California in 2019, most likely because California requires an annual $800 LLC fee. I'm supportive of this state policy because it cuts down on abuse of Shell Corporations.

Integrase Inhibitors are Psychoactive and Addictive. Withdrawal and Dependency have not been studied.

C.F. Sustiva, which is really a highly addictive psychoactive placebo chemically related to LSD and totally ineffective against HIV.

Mid-Study Data Release before Publishing raises concerns. The study is obviously Unblinded.

Is ViiV hinting study data to prop up stock price before releasing adverse data?

Early Trial Termination once again indicates "hacking" Trial Data to prove effectiveness.

My experience is any AIDS drug trial terminated early in the name of ethics means: Run.

Is HIV Integrase Truly HIV-Specific?

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