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PrEP is a 16.265 Billion Worldwide Market, Rebecca Culshaw posts on PrEP, and UCLA's PrEPaganda

Fierce Pharma reports that the CDC patented PrEP in 2006 and that Gilead has created a $16.265 PrEP global market. This can buy a-lot of consensus - and it creates a conflict for the CDC to continue to overstate PrEP's fake "99% efficacy" given that it is trying to claw back some of Gilead's PrEP profits.

Even if we accept PrEP works (it doesn't) even by the standards of (the premier health journalism website), reporters should not use the 99% claim and instead say 44%, as I wrote in the Portland Tribune last year. If the concern of the CDC is public health, this would extend to all infectious venereal diseases - and the 99% claim leads to abandonment of condoms whereas 44% might not. I was ahead of the curve in analyzing that the 2022 Monkeypox outbreak was being driven by semen in the pre-symptomatic stage (something the medical community refuses to acknowledge) and that PrEP uptake likely lead to abandonment of condoms facilitating a worldwide outbreak.

Mathematician Rebecca Culshaw posted about PrEP on Substack in November with her own excellent independent research on PrEP's lack of efficacy. She noted the New York State health dept. discloses in its informed consent documents the failed PrEP clinical trials this website has been trying to promote. The CDC cherry picks studies to fabricate its 99% efficacy claim. Culshaw's 2007 book on "HIV" is now sold out everywhere after its glowing mention in chapter 5 of Robert F. Kennedy's The Real Anthony Fauci. My own review of RFK's book was even featured on Skyhorse Publishing.

(On the subject of monkeypox, I don't understand why this is not being investigated as a potential bioterrorism event. It would be quite easy to seed an outbreak by distributing pox-contaminated samples of sexual lubricant at gay events drawing lots of tourists. The monkeypox outbreak is doing everything AIDS should have done: it follows Farr's law and is burning out. Also, there is evidence of "gain of function" given the outbreak strain has a number of unnatural mutations. In 2021, a monkeypox bioterrorism tabletop exercise took place at the Munich security conference. It's almost like this monkeypox thing is timed to gaslight the alternative media who claimed (as I do) that Corona doesn't exist but then went off the deep end saying no viruses exist. It's also gaslighting the alternative media quick to identify Corona as a bioweapon but then blame monkeypox on gay promiscuity).

UCLA Health News put out this absolute deplorable piece of PrEPaganda for World AID$ Day. I don't know where to start with how bad it is.

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