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Do you know of fraud, waste, abuse, malpractice, or corruption in the HIV and AIDS Establishment?

This site is covered by Oregon's and California's Journalist Shield Law. In 2009, The Washington Post reported on the squandering of AIDS Service organization tax dollars. We are happy to review any documents from within service organizations, governments, pharmaceutical corporations, medical providers and the like and publish them on this site when we believe it is in public interest and we believe the documents are reasonably authentic, redacting pertinent identifiable information. We will never publish anything that will risk disclosure of an individual's HIV status.

How to contact us securely:

1. Sign up for a free account with protonmail and send documents to This service allows for effortless End-To-End encryption. DO NOT SEND US ANYTHING FROM A NON-PROTONMAIL ACCOUNT. WE TAKE DISCLOSURE VERY SERIOUSLY AND REGULAR E-MAIL MIGHT COMPROMISE PATIENT DATA (although to be honest, we're pretty sure the NSA can read it). Please take caution with from where you log in.

2. US Mail is incredibly secure, but keep in mind that USPS monitors the packaging of everything sent through the postal system. This includes the location from which you send your parcel, and it might include a sample of your handwriting. If law enforcement searches your parcel before it reaches us, they’ll be able to see whatever you’re sending, which could include your fingerprints, as well as tracking information embedded in documents, such as printer tracking dots.

Send letters or packages to:

Thomas Busse

584 Castro Street PMB 388
San Francisco, CA 94114

Drop it in a public mailbox (do not send it from home, work or a post office) with no return address.

Blackburn Report on Clinton Foundation/PEPFAR


HHS OIG report on Sustiva fraud (HIV Negatives claim Sustiva prescriptions in order to get high off its psychoactive effects). It is chemically similar to LSD and can be converted to LSD in labs.

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