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"Toxic shocks like smoking or alcohol consumption can traumatize the liver causing genetic instabilities. The human cell itself, then, can produce the genetic particles that are fished out by orthodox researchers with their PCR tests and simply interpreted as exogenous viruses. But before jumping on the virus bandwagon, one must have closely analyzed if these really are viruses - which has not happened with Hepatitis C.
Dr. Richard Strohman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Berkeley

I have come away from the voluminous data on the hepatitis C virus convinced that science has made a huge mistake. There is no good evidence that such a virus exists. I concluded that the scientists who made the initial discovery made fanciful leaps; consequently, these became the basis for further studies and entrenched beliefs. My view is that the cause of Non-A Non-B Hepatitis remains unknown.
Nicholas Regush, Chief Medical Correspondent, ABC News

Leaked documents from Gilead indicate HCV Drugs lead to patient deaths, not "cure"
BMJ: Is Widespread Screening for HCV justified? (conclusion: testing likely to cause net harm and the current HCV "cures" are not cures at all)
ABC News Report (Regush) Questioning Epidemiology of Hepatitis C
Lecture on flaws in HCV science, 2009 Oakland, CA
Torsten Engelbrecht Article on Hepatitis C from "Virus Mania"
1992 Duesberg/Schwartz Paper on HCV Non-isolation and non-pathogenesis
Kenny-Walsh Paper NEJM 1999 showing purported HCV Infection leads to cirrhosis at lower prevalence than general population
1994 Ellison/Duesberg on Chiron Corp. & UC Berkeley Fraud in Hep C (misconduct of 2020 Nobel Prize winner M. Houghton)
August 1999 Testimony of Dr. Urnovitz before House Committee on Goverment Reform with remarks about Hepatitis C Vaccine development being limited by lack of proof for existence of HCV
Dennin 1999 Paper Showing alleged HCV specific RNA sequences (by PCR) are part of human genome of HCV-antibody negatives
Seeff 45-year study of HCV from stored military blood samples (no difference between HCV + and HCV - )
Virologist Stefan Lanka on HCV Fraud
(Continuum Magazine 1996)
Vogt 1999 article on spontaneous clearance of HCV 20 years after pediatric transfusion and no difference in liver disease progression compared to a HCV- control group.
2002 Letter to British Medical Journal on nonpathogenic HCV
Dr. Robert Gallo sworn trial testimony in Parenzee Case that use of PCR is not sufficient to prove HCV infection.
Alastair MacKennon on Hepatitis C
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Hagen study on needle exchange programs - IV drug users still come out positive regardless of consistent use of clean needles - is it the needles or the test?
Seeff 1992 Article showing no long term mortality difference for post-transfusion hepatitis (referred to in Regush Article 3)
Washington Post: Grass Roots Seeded by Drugmaker (Pharma funds fake patient support groups as way to propagandize them to take drugs)
PrepIsPoison Position Paper regarding Ryan White Expansion to HCV Positives
PrepIsPoison Testimony exposing Hep C Astroturfing at Oregon Health Authority and basic problems with HCV Science
Deaths and Adverse Effects of Harvoni - a hepatoxic drug that causes liver damage. It does not "cure" Hep C - it only reverses the results of the bogus HCV Tests.
Rasnick White Paper on Transmission Electron Microscopy and HCV Test Invalidation
Robert Scott Bell and Jon Rappoport article on Hepatitis C Fraud.
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