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They’re cynical enough to introduce drugs that they know will have toxic effects and carry a certain mortality and they know that the life of the drug before it becomes challenged or too obvious to ignore will be 2 or 3 years and they work up what the sales are going to be and then they know they’re going to have to reduce the dose

 – Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, co-founder AmFAR.

The reason why we take so many drugs is that drug companies do not sell drugs. They sell lies about the drugs....The patients do not realize that although their doctors know a-lot about diseases, human physiology, and psychology, they know very little about the drugs that hasn't been concocted and dressed up by the drug industry.

 – Dr. Peter Goetsche, founder of the Cochrane Collaborative

PrepIsPoison White Paper: A Review of Fraud in PrEP Clinical Trials


What Every Gay Man Should Know about PrEP
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Truvada's Mechanism of Action: What EXACTLY it does to your body
Liam Scheff: AIDS Drugs for HIV Negatives - the Dangerous New trend in AIDS Medicine
FDA Warning Letter to Gilead about false and misleading marketing claims of TDF (a Truvada ingredient) saying it is illegal to market TDF as "extremely safe" or fail to disclose black box status in promo materials. The letter indicates a lack of clinical testing in TDF's original approval.
Plinkington/Imperial College Study: TAF and TDF have same safety profile (debunks Gilead's illegal marketing claim Descovy is 'safer' than Truvada) - the basis of many "friendly" class action lawsuits meant to hide the real fraud.
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Media: I am available for interviews/debate over PrEP

How Drug Companies Cheat on Clinical Trials


"Viral Load has nothing to do with infectivity" -
Dr. John W. Mellors

"AIDS does not inevitably lead to death, especially if you suppress the co-factors that support the disease. It is very important to tell this to people who are infected, I think we should put the same weight on the co-factors as we have on HIV. Psychological factors are critical in supporting immune function. If you suppress this psychological support by telling someone he's condemned to die, your words alone will have condemned him."

- Dr. Luc Montagnier,
2008 Nobel prize winner

iPREX Supplementary Appendix (where they hid the real data of non-effectiveness by arbitrarily calling Truvada seroconversions occult pre-existing infections and tossing those out those in comparison to the placebo to manufacture a "difference" of 2% which got spun through phony statistics creating a mirage of "90% better"). This version LACKS the 90% claim, which was promoted in the media - it was quietly RETRACTED in 2013.
Farber 2006 Harper's Article on Fraud in HIV Medication Clinical Trials
Jim Edwards: Gilead Engaged in Bidding War to Bribe MDs for Truvada Prescriptions

Reuters Misleading Article on VOICEPrep Trial termination (CF pg. 33 of iPREX Supplemental Discussion to understand "cherry picking" of trials to present to FDA)

NEJM 2017: Case of 'infection' following PrEP (Note the Resistance - cf. iPREX pg 33)
Follow the Money: Gilead PURCHASES PrEP Endorsement from Human Rights Campaign
Terry Michael: Going Too Far To Battle Disease (Washington Times 2010)
Real Stories of Bad HIV/AIDS Doctors
Ninth Circuit Court: Gilead Illegally sourced FTC (the Truvada/Descovy ingredient emtribacine) from unregulated and un-inspected factory in China and lied to FDA
Old Guard Urges Virologists to go Back to the Basics (Science 2001)
Truvada 2017 FDA Post-marketing "Safety" Evaluation and Review.
1998 Gordon Conference on AIDS Chemotherapies where NCI's Robert Yarochan admits problems with FDA's 1997 "Accelerated Approval Protocol" and then lack of monotherapy evaluation (TDF was approved under this flawed protocol in 1999 meaning original Truvada effectiveness data doesn't exist).
New York Times goes into full Judith Miller Mode with the cover-up of VOICEPrEP's failure to show Truvada efficacy. Maybe they found those Weapons of Mass Destruction. The problem is if you actually read the CROI, trial adherence was measured by Tenofovir in Hair, not serum, but the NYTimes LIED by focusing serum as evidence of non-adherance. The NEJM just didn't publish any HAIR data which was in the protocol.
Wikileaks: HIV infection is "not a disease of public health significance" (CDC & US State Dept. 2009)
VOICEPrEP - Hair Data published only in 2017, even though trial halted in 2011. NYTimes didn't even mention existence of the hair data. Proves PrEP was pushed through FDA with incomplete and insufficient data. Why did the researchers take six years to publish? Was it because this data would have risked non-approval in 2012 after VOICEPrEP showed PrEP doesn't work? The discussion reveals the "low adherence" reported in NYTimes and Reuters to explain VOICEPrEP's null-result was not based on valid, complete, or consistent data collection, meaning study authors could have fabricated the "adherence excuse" through biased sampling. In any case, the adherence data sample size is too small to draw the conclusions stated in the NYTimes
Descovy and Fat Redistribution/Weight Gain
Journal of American Physicians (2010)
"HIV Tests are not HIV Tests"
(see our "testing" page for more on False Positives)
Whistleblower complaint (CA Dept. of Insurance) on kickback arrangements with doctors for the overprescription of unnecessary ARVs
PrepIsPoison Opposition Testimony to HB 2958 (Oregon)
Gilead's illegal marketing practices for Truvada: Funding "patient education" and "nurse navigators" who are in-fact clandestine sales reps whose sole purpose is to push sales with reckless disregard to patient safety
Nancy Banks MD: Flow Cytometry ("T-cell count") limitations for HIV/AIDS diagnosis and management - prepared for the OMSJ
Bild (Germany, in German): "How Dangerous is PrEP" by drag queen Nina Queer (advocating against PrEP).
Withdrawn FDA PrEP REMS (Risk Evaluation Management Strategy) agreement with Gilead. Until 2017, Prescribers were highly-regulated and required additional training. In addition, PrEP Advertising was disallowed - as a result, Gilead used Seeding Trials, third parties, and manufactured lawsuits as a PrEP P/R Strategy
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